Dublin Dog Grooming Ltd

Cancellation Policy

Dear Customer,

Dublin Dog Grooming is very busy so appointments are precious. It is your responsibility to remember the appointments offered to you. Although we send reminders at 11am 2 days before and the day before your appointment, your network can block messages from being received in a bid to prevent spamming. At least 24 hours notice is asked of you for rescheduling and canceling appointments. Please note we may not be able to give you another appointment for several weeks during our busy periods.

If in the case of a ‘no show’ or with less than 24 hours notice given and a future booking is sought, you must pay for your missed appointment and a 50% deposit is required for a new appointment or to secure a future appointment that you may have already made. Failure to pay will result in cancellation of all future appointments. 

Appointments need to be prepaid for in full where not enough notice has been given more than once for last minute rescheduling.

Please be on time for your appointment. If you think you are going to be 15 minutes late or more, please contact us to let us know. Anyone who is more than 30 minutes late for their appointment without letting us know (with a reasonable explanation) will have their appointment cancelled and will be charged 100% of the appointment cost and marked as a no show. Any future appointments can be cancelled at managers discretion. You will not be offered future appointments where your missed appointment has not been paid for along with a deposit for your future appointment.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.