Cat Grooming

All cats are groomed without sedation

Grooming cats not only stimulates the circulation and improves muscle tone, but also minimizes hairballs in the stomach by removing loose hairs. It smooths down the fur to insulate the body more efficiently, and stimulates the glands at the base of the hairs which waterproof the coat. In hot weather, licking spreads saliva that cools your cat as it evaporates; grooming also spreads sebum (a natural oil that protects and waterproofs the hair and skin) across the coat.
Make grooming part of your cat’s regular routine, introducing it as early a possible – ideally when your cat is still a kitten. Grooming will not only give you the chance to spot external parasites and skin wounds, and keep fur off your sofa, you’ll also be able to teach your cat to enjoy quality time bonding whilst being groomed and feeling wonderful after.
The safety and welfare of all pets visiting us are our first priority which is shown by the courses, seminars and qualifications attained to date and a genuine excitement for the future challenges.

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