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Effective Dental Repair & Hygiene For Your Pet.

No Brushing Required.

Do you struggle to brush your pet’s teeth? Do you worry about your putting your beloved pet under anesthesia for a costly dental descale? If the answer is yes then look no further the emmi-pet is exactly what you’ve been looking for! The device is completely silent and non vibrating and requires no actual brushing so it’s a pleasant, relaxing experience for your pet and the best part is it only takes a matter of seconds for the ultrasound to work its magic.

Ultrasound breaks down bacteria on the surface of the teeth and gingiva such as plaque and tartar and can even clean deep inside fissures and gum pockets due to the ultrasound waves penetrating 12mm deep into surrounding tissues. It also promotes a better blood circulation within the gingiva and acts prophylactically to avoid dental disease. Within days you will see a noticeable difference in your pet’s teeth with reduced staining, fresher breath and beautiful healthy looking teeth and gums. The Emmi-Pet is revolutionising dental care for pets across the globe. Whether you’re a groomer interested in providing a teeth cleaning service or an owner wishing to give your pet the very best in dental care I can assure you won’t be disappointed!



Ultrasound Toothpaste for Pets

Our specially formulated ultrasonic toothpaste is effective against the formation of tartar and gum inflammation and acts prophylactically against periodontitis, bad breath and dental loss when used in conjunction with our emmi-pet ultrasound brush.



Emmi-Pet – Basic Set

The Emmi-pet cleans your pet’s teeth throughly and effortlessly using pure ultrasound which penetrates deep into the gums, preventing gum inflammations, periodontitis, tartar, bad breath and dental loss. Simply hold on each tooth for 10 seconds and let the ultrasound work without vibration or sound so your pet remains relaxed.

We are delighted to say that the emmi-pet is certified by the specialised department for animal husbandry and animal welfare (FFT) in Austria as an animal protection oriented product.


Tartar Remover

Our tartar remover can be used mechanically by abrasive action to remove tartar by gently rubbing the areas of the teeth where plaque has formed to give the teeth a micro clean. The tartar remover can be held in the hand or as an attachment on the emmi-pet and does not use ultrasound.





The Benefits

Emmi-pet is the ultimate solution for oral care as it not only efficiently cleans your pet’s teeth- removing heavy tartar, plaque and staining but works prophylactically to prevent and protect against periodontitis, chronic mouth cavity diseases, tartar formation, bad breath odor and the need for anesthesia during mechanical removal of tartar.

Ultrasound also promotes blood circulation in the gingiva which keeps gums healthy and free from inflammation whilst aiding healing processes. Finally a clinically proven oral health treatment that can be safely and easily implemented from the comfort of home.