Dublin Dog Grooming Ltd

If you are dissatisfied with your tutor’s assessment decision you should follow the Dublin Dog Grooming Appeals procedure, outlined below:

            •           In circumstances where a student does not agree with the decisions of the tutor the student should raise the issue with the tutor during / at the end of an assessment session or within five days of the assessment decision being given. 

            •           The tutor must reconsider the reasons underpinning the decision and provide clear feedback. If the tutor is upholding the original assessment decision, then the student must be provided with full information describing what is required to demonstrate their competence. This should be provided in writing by the tutor, and relate specifically to the standards relevant to the assessment decision.

            •           If the student remains unhappy with the decision, the student can then complete a Student Appeals Form and send this to the internal quality assurer (IQA). The student can request the e-mail address of the internal verifier from their tutor.

            •           The internal quality assurer reviews all evidence and assessment records in order to consider the appeal.  A decision should be made within five working days, and the student and regional trainer or tutor must be informed orally and in writing by the internal quality assurer, using the appropriate section of the Student Appeals form.

            •           If the student is dissatisfied with the internal quality assurer’s decision the student has the right to appeal to the awarding organisation, iPET Network. The internal verifier should pass all records to the External quality assurer. They will convene an appeals panel consisting of independent members which have no identified conflicts with anyone involved.

            •           The Appeals Panel will reach its decision within five working days and notification will be sent in writing to all parties involved.

            •           Appeals to iPET Network should only be made once the Training Providers appeals process has been exhausted.

Grounds for appeal

All students have the right to appeal against assessment decisions or course referrals which they feel are unclear or seem unfair.

There are five ground rules for appeal by students:

            •           The assessments were not conducted in accordance with the approved requirements

            •           There was an administrative error at some stage of the assessment process

            •           The tutor was presented with incorrect or inaccurate assessment information

            •           There were medical or other ‘extenuating circumstances’ arising during the assessment process that affected the student’s performance and of which the tutor was not aware of when making the assessment decision

            •           The assessment process was not conducted with fair and open access to the student because of impropriety or irregularity on the part of the tutor.

The Appeals Procedure must be documented and clearly logged during every stage of the process with concise and detailed information. It is the responsibility of the internal quality assurer to collate and retain any such documentation in regards to an appeal for review by the awarding organisation.