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Tango after :-)Tango before.....

1st Place win Yipppeeee!!!!!

Delighted with my 2 grooms at this years competition. Goldie stood beautifully in the Poodle Scissor Class and looked fabulous when we had finished, she is such a beauty.

Next Tango was entered in the Creative extreme class. Tango has never been clipped before and has always had a full coat so this was a really scary moment for me as a groomer & owner, I nearly cried as I chopped off her beautiful locks to start with but she was happy and it would be less maintenance for her. The judges couldnt guess what I was going to do and one came over to ask me but I didnt tell her 😉

Finally Tango turned into Johnny Depp and ‘Poodles of the Caribbean” was finished.

Thrilled to win the class, especially as the other competitors did super grooms.

Thank you Judges

Mich Dale Terrier Expert,

Alison Rogers LCGI,

Jean Gregg LCGI,

Justyna Romanowska





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